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Mid-Reston 20190
Lake Anne Area

.. 1603 Apricot Court (T)
.. 1656 Bachan Court (T)
$++... 1604 Chimney Hs Rd (C)
... 11307 South Shore Rd (D)
++... 1604 Washington Plaza (T)
... 11502 Waterhaven Court (T)

North Reston 20194
Lake Newport Area

.++.. 11502 Hemingway Drive (T)
... 11505 Hemingway Drive (T)
... 11529 Hemingway Drive (T)
... 1581 Regatta Lane (D)
... 1453 Waterfront Rd (D)

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++ =Right on the Water  
$ ... = $500k or Less  


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South Reston 20191
Lake Audubon Area

... 2088 Little Audubon (T)
... 11135 Little Compton Drive (T)

Lake Thoreau Area 
... 11200 Harbor Court (C) cs
... 11110 Lakespray Way (T)
... 2014Swans Neck Way (T)

Thoreau Place  
2 bed 2 bath Unit #20 (C)

(C)=Condo ... (D)=Detached ... (T)=Townhomes
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Last Update 19 October 2020 ...
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Reston Virginia hosts four wonderful lakes, Lake Thoreau, Lake Audubon, Lake Anne and Lake Newport and their shores offers numerous Lakefront homes.  These Lakefront homes come in all sizes and shapes from small to medium condos and townhomes to luxurious, custom designed, single family homes.  

When you're considering buying real estate, it's always a great idea to seek out property which boasts a feature ... Reston's lakefront homes feature one of the very best .. Lake View, Lake Access and Lake frontage.  

If you're thinking of buying or selling a home in one of Reston's Lakefront communities ... You owe it to yourself to secure a Realtor who understands Reston Lakefront Property ... I've lived in Reston VA since 1976 and on Reston's Lake Thoreau in a lakefront home since 1985 ... Call me and Let's get YOU MOVING TO YOUR DREAM HOME!

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